Nivea For Men

In 2008, in the (J, the market of skincare products was over El 17 million however the sales of Naive For Men were about EYE million. That’s why the brand wanted to increase its share of the LIKE male skincare market. The company developed a marketing plan for the reliance in an attempt to respond to changes of consumer expectations. 3. A marketing plan should include five stages: Analysis – Objectives – Strategies – Tactics – Control.

Analyses how well the company took these Into account In Its marketing plan. Analysis First, Naive For Men (N FM) has analyses the internal aspects of the brand and the business environment.

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Naive For Men is a very well known brand, which has strong resources for its campaign and strong staff to promote products but the brand has to remain alert to changing of customer consumption, and always be able to question itself. The market of male skincare products is growing steadily because men are more open to this type of product, however the number of competitors will increase, that’s why NFG must find a competitive advantage. Objectives The marketing team set smart objectives for NFG.

The future trends help the brand to determinate good targets for Increasing sales, growing market share and improving its brand image.

It also wanted the increase of the purchase of the men Tort slacker product . I en toner alma to ten Dragon Is to attract women winner oaten initial purchaser of skincare for men. Last but not least, Naive want to develop it brand image by giving a quality image to clients. Strategies The marketing plan focuses on product development based on consumer needs. The other key of the marketing strategy is the promotion.

Tactics In the past, Naive always used promotion of different way according to periods. The first was the presence in men’s style magazines with sampling. Nowadays, Naive seed a mixture of above the line and below the line promotion.

For example: NFG supported football events to build a positive relationship with men. This affinity with them allows driving sales.

In above the line promotion, we can find television or cinema ads to touch a large audience. The press promotion is always used with ads and sampling in an attempt to encouraged trial of Naive which drove purchase. Finally, the brand has create a website to inform it consumers about products and to allows them to find the product that best suits their needs. Control The final step of a marketing plan is to measure the outcomes of the marketing activities against the original objectives and targets.

Naive used a range of key performance indicators to understand if the re-launch was efficient.

Naive sees that it still the market leader in many countries with growing market share! Sales increased by almost 20%, this result is in compliance with hope of Naive. For the brand image, Naive won a price given by consumers about the best skincare range; it’s illustrated how Naive has a very positive image. 4. How successful do you think Naive’s marketing plan was? The future is more and more uncertain for brands, which will have to constantly innovate and adapt themselves to the needs of their customers!

For Naive, results prove that marketing plan was efficient! The brand takes advantage of the increasing change of male attitudes to using skincare products. Naive listened to its customers and creates a real link with them what has to strengthen its brand image. Ana now stressful Is ten ‘Anneal Tort Men’ product range today’ I think Naive is the best-known and most successful men’s skin care brand.

The range extends from intensive face cream to energize shower gel and cool hair- styling gel. Thanks to his wide range, every man can find the product, which suits him.