Under Armor

The Industry Medium to High Bargaining Power Of Customers (Medium) They have wholesale and end customers as well as Independent eglantines In different countries Threat Of New/Potential Competitors Medium Bargaining Power Of Suppliers Low to Medium Threat Of Substitute Products Low Some of Nikkei and Aids products are patented, under Armor does not have patent rights which means their products can be easily copied Nikkei and Aids are both trying to get their market share in the apparel industry.

Compared to Under Armor, hey have greater resources and it would likely be easy for both companies to penetrate the market. 2. Does under Armor have any core competencies and, if so, what are they? YES, CEO Kevin Plank was a former athlete Product Development and Innovation Performance and Marketing Campaign 3. Does Under Armor have any resource strengths or competitive capableness that qualify as a delectate competence? YES Product Performance and Brand Image n-house Marketing/ Brand Promotion 4.

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What does a SOOT analysis reveal about the overall attractiveness of under Rumors situation? Strength: The innovation and technology behind Under Armor is a skydiving force to rapid expansion Under Armor’s major strength was its products performance and strong brand image; these factors established Under Armor as a well recognized and respected brand name Core competence In research development and Innovation Weakness Limited product line that Is mostly targeted to males.

Global Brand Recognition Opportunities expand its product line to various segments; thus,increasing both sales and product portfolio women’s apparel children’s apparel inning outdoors Exit Strategy (sell to Nikkei) Global Expansion Threats Intense competently (Nikkei, Aids, etc. Substitute Products Changes in consumer trends/behavior Fabrics are engineered in many designs and styles for wear in nearly all climates which provides a performance alternative to traditional products ( product line strategy) Increasing market penetration especially in the footwear department where Nikkei is the global market leader Securing of additional distribution centers in the retail marketplace Expanding the sale of Ruder Armor products in foreign Mounties and becoming a global competitor in the world market foreparts apparel, athletic footwear, and performance products Growing global awareness if the Under Armor brand name Strengthening the appeal of Under Reintroduces worldwide Use of products to high-performing athletes teams on the high school, collegiate, and professional levels Entering in outfitting agreements, selling directly to team equipment managers to promote on field authenticity of the brand.