No Working on Cold Days

Arrowhead High School received two cold days on Monday, January 6 and Tuesday, January 7, 2014. Most students were overjoyed to get two days extra off school; however, I did not see this as a good thing. Final exams are quickly approaching.

Many classes have not covered all the necessary material to take their final exams. I believe these cold days came at exactly the wrong time. Normally I would agree with the average student. I would usually be jumping for joy to receive two unscheduled days off of school. I love sleeping in and not having to worry about school work. Not this time.

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Because the first semester is coming to a close, those two extra days were greatly needed. Unfortunately, I still have many projects that need to be finished and I was looking forward to working on them during class. Now that Arrowhead had two colds, I am severally behind schedule for completing those projects. Along with me, most teachers needed Monday and Tuesday to finish covering their material. I am stressing from the fact we have less time to be taught our lessons and work on our mandatory projects. The original dates of final exams, January 21st-23rd, remain unchanged.

This puts a great strain on Arrowhead’s teachers to properly teach their material. This also puts a great strain on Arrowhead’s students to learn the necessary information. Teachers are now rushing through their material in order to get the lessons completed on time. I believe this will severally damage how students will learn. Students will not be taught the original planned lesson because teachers will not have enough time to teach them as planned.

The cold days that occurred on January 6th and January 7th were very untimely and a large detriment to the process of learning. I believe these two extra days off made the end of this semester the hardest I have experienced yet.