Also, experiences In community immersion will allow them to take part with other people who may assist them to under-go certain changes that will make them to be aware and responsible citizens. It also develops the student’s habit of doing community works enabling them to be more socially attached and to appreciate more the variation of cultures In every community. It also Imbue In them a sense of responsibility knowing real – life situations. Community Immersion as a whole helps students in personal growth and self – transformation.

It also ripens their maturity and perspective towards community involvement.

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It also helps in improving their values and to know deferent beliefs from other people. Literacy, traditionally, has referred to the ability to read, understand, and use information. But the term has come to take on broader meaning, standing for a range of knowledge, skills and abilities relating to reading, mathematics, science and more. This reflects widespread and deep changes that have taken place In technology and in the organization of work over the past quarter century. The ability to use and apply key mathematics and science concepts is now necessary across a wide range of occupations.

Literacy is crucial to the success of individuals in both their career aspirations and their quality of life. It is more than a basic reading ability, but rather an indication of “how adults use written information to function in society. Psychologists say that “A person should learn from others through experiences and circumstances”. This Implies that a person should learn from others In order to develop one’s morals, principles and ethics. Translating further that context, learning from others Is a way of appreciating the human existence and bringing out the best revive in community works and involvement.

Strong literacy skills are closely linked to the probability of having a good Job, decent earnings, and access to training opportunities.

Individuals with weak literacy skills are more likely to be unemployed or, if employed, to be in Jobs that pay little or that offer poor hours or working conditions. Generally, the objective of the Literacy Training Service is to train students to become a teacher in literacy and innumeracy skills to school children, out of school youth, and other segments of society in need of their need. Specifically it aims to help the school children to: 1. Improve their literacy skills;

The principal of the said school gives as an inspirational message and some advice to become a better student-tutor. Then, Ma’am Crisis gave us our tutee’s name, grade and section. We went to our designated room; I finally met my tutee named Robbie Pained of Grade 3- Allemande.

After interviewing him, we started the session by answering the personal questions and taking the module 1 . Module 1 is like advance for their grade and literacy skills, that’s why I also teach him mom basic words such as English-Toga translation of Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Anthill.

I also gave him homework for him to improve his skills in literacy. Robberies score on Module 1: 20 DAY 2: On the second Saturday, we planned to have a routine of buying snacks for our tutees, as I mentioned, it can be a motivation for them. Before going to our designated room we held a program in their covered court. We did exercise and talk about personal hygiene where in the BBS Education tutors gave them lessons on how to brush their teeth properly and the BBS Pharmacy role played the story of the Good Samaritan.

At the end of the program we gave our tutees new toothbrush and other grooming kit.

After the program we resume our tutorial giving them the Module 2. Like the module 1 Its Kelly advance Tort teem. During our tutorial Gleeson I Tuna out Tanat my tutee can read but cannot understand it very well. Then I give him simple sentences to improve his comprehension skills.

I also ask him questions about his family and studies. I am happy to see that he is interested to learn new things. Robberies score on Module 2: 27 DAY 3: We started the immersion by a program. Like in the past immersion, we did exercise and proper hygiene lesson.

We, MET-C designate to teach the school children how to comb their hair properly, how to use the nail cutter properly and we also give them “lecture” why they should take bath everyday and why they should be clean always. Happily, we have new module for school children who have a hard time in the past modules.

As I gave and teach the module to my tutee, he answered it faster and understands the lesson well. Robberies score on Module 3: 29 Day 4: On our last immersion this semester, we decided to come up with a mini party for our tutees. We started the day with exercise such as crab walk, etc. They also danced Chime chime and Whoops Kirk and the winner had a price. 0 Afterwards, we proceed to our designated room to tutor the school children but sadly, Robbie was not there.

We asked Ma’am Crisis what we’ll do because our tutees are absent. She asked if we can Just return in Panda Elementary School on Monday to tutor them. Fortunately, we do not have class on Monday morning so we decided to say yes. After the tutorial we went to the covered court to resume the “mini party’ for the tutees. We held games such as heap heap hooray, make me a picture, A or B, etc,. 0 We also gave the children a meal from McCoy.

Monday: I tutor Robbie for the last time in the first semester. I’m happy that he improves. Not totally improved but little by little. I also gave him chocolate as a consolation prize for his improvement. Robberies Score: 31 Immersion can be a “Blessing in disguise” for both of the NSP students and for the community which they helped.

In the Literacy Training Service, Immersion opens my eyes about the blessings I have received. I said that it is a blessing in disguise cause it has mutual benefits. We can pass our NSP subject and the children can improved their literacy and innumeracy skills.