Ohio's Vote

Ohio citizens voted on November 3 on whether or not to legalize marijuana.The idea of legalizing marijuana has been floating around every state for a while now.

After Colorado legalized marijuana, more states debated the idea whether or not to follow.Ohio was one of those states. Voting on the recent ballot, Ohioans had to decide if they would vote yes or no on Issue 3 and whether or not they would vote yes or no on Issue 2.Issue 3 is the legalization on marijuana while Issue 2 is asking voters to vote no on Issue 3.An issue with Issue 3 is that it would turn the marijuana growers into a monopoly because on ten farms would be allowed to produce marijuana. Multiple people from Ohio with opposing beliefs were interviewed on the topic of legalizing marijuana.

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When asked whether or not they believed legalizing marijuana was a good idea or not, Maddy Fernandez said, “I don’t really have an opinion on the matter, but I do believe that if it was legalized then there would be less petty criminals in jail and maybe less violence over a silly drug.”The same question was asked to Jim Hannon and he answered, “I believe that marijuana should only be allowed for medical reasons.” The vote showed that the legalization of marijuana wouldn’t happen for Ohio this ballot.It will just have to wait till the next time the issue comes up again.