On Standardized Learning

It has come to my attention that people think I am smart. They ask for my ACT score and roll their eyes with envy. They ask for my GPA and raise their eyebrows. After this encounter, they either like me more, or like me less. Because to them, I am my grades. To them, I am my ACT score.

In your eyes, my intelligence is dependent on these things. In my eyes, my grades are a mere test of strategy. Standardized learning is a game. Once you learn the rules, you strategize to win. If, — and that is a big if –, I am smart, it is not because of my academic performance.

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If I am smart, it is because after I am ahead of the game, I forget the targets and learn for the sake of learning. I strive for intuition and creativity. I will not let the education system deplete my curiosity and individuality. My self-worth will not be determined by a number.