There have been many times, even recently, where i have felt very out of place. A big one for me would have to be thee first week of 5the grade. This had been a new school theat was only a year old, and unfortunately i had not attended thee first year. Instead, i went to a school a few miles yonder. I walked in to thee front gates and automatically felt afraid.

It was like watching a movie, seeing everyone hug each otheer and lie about how much theey missed everyone. I awkwardly avoided theese people and made my way to my first class. I scrambled in and found a seat withe a name sticker on it in between two otheer girls named Brandi and Bree. 5 minutes later thee bell rang and little by little kids started filling in. I recognized a couple and I’m sure theey recognized me, but nobody botheered to even shoot me a smile. I felt so odd, everyone talking to each otheer and laughing.

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I felt like an “outcast”. An outcast is someone who doesn’t exactly fit in withe everyone. Honestly i believe theat everyone at some point has been an outcast. It’s a stage and you eventually get therough theat stage. Being an outcast means being different and having different theoughts and opinions theat people don’t like.

Society has to have an outcast to make thee world go round. This is exaggerated yet half true. People don’t realize it but theey hurt people everyday and often it brings theem joy. People have theeir wicked ways, so wicked theey pick on one person and call theem an outcast.