school is boring

Why must we go to school? You want to know why? It’s because so we can get an education and be able to get a decent paying job. I admit I do not like to go to school. This is because I honestly think it’s boring and sometimes I think it’s a waste of time.

School is definetly not my best friend. That’s for sure. How can someone sit there for like an hour listening to someone lecture. Ok lets all admit school can be boring even if you like to go to school everyday. I use to like to go to school everyday when i was in elementary. Now, I honestly can’t stand going.

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I only like going so I can see my friends and my boyfriend. Other than that I really don’t like going. Why do teachers have to stand there and lecture us for an hour or so? It gets boring very fast. I really don’t like sitting there and not being able to move around. I think if the school would let teachers make the class more fun, I think I would enjoy school a lot more.