Overcrowded School

Dear Dr.Jones, Hello, Dr. Jones, I hope you had a wonderful day, my name is Lal, and I am a high school student. First of all, I would like to say, thank you for everything that you have done for our school. You put so many efforts and hard work for our school, you always wanted to make it a better place for everyone, it is such a pleasant of you, and you sacrifice your life every single day to make sure all of the teachers and student gets on track. I am positive that everyone is proud of the great work that you have done.

Dr.Jones, you might be wondering why I wrote this letter to you? And you might also wonder if there is something wrong with the school because I started talking about the glorious work that you have done. Before I tell you about this, just keep in mind that school always need an improvement no matter how good the school is right now. It is my pleasure to share and give you the ideas and tips for improving the school. I will get to my point; I want to make this clear as possible.

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Some of my favorite teachers, students and friends are experiencing very unfortunate things in school, such as overcrowded classes and most importantly, overcrowded lunch which is very depressing. I want to tell you a short story about my friend and myself, my friend John was having a hard time in his class he couldn’t see the board due to so many people in his class, he is a hard working student, I think a student like him deserved a better chance, because of this he is thinking about changing class. I think it would not be a bad idea to build a new building for classes so there will be fewer people in the class and we can focus better than before, I also believe that more students will work harder, starving for educations, and that’s what school is for, to teach young men and women educations. My problem and concern were that in my weight training class there are many people. The students and the weight room doesn’t match at all, we needed more equipment as well as a larger room because now, we have to take turns and it wasted our valuable time.

Also our school’s cafeterias is teeming with students, some students got the class that is far from cafeteria, and there is so little time to get to the cafeteria in time, by the time they got to cafeteria, the lunch line was full of students and when they had lunch it was already time to go back to class. Because the cafeteria was crowded, a lot of students were late to class and got in trouble. I know all of this concerns and ideas might sound crazy and there are some possibilities that my expectation might not work out the best but here is my letter that will at least motivate the government, county, and school, especially our school to improve in the future. Sincerely Lal T.