P.E. in School

Physical Education or P.E., whatever you call it, it’s here and it’s needed. P.

E. is different from Recess, it isn’t a do-whatever-you-want thing, it’s a way for kids to get the physical education they need. My opinion is to make P.E. Mandatory in all grades.

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In some states, it is little or not required for high school and middle schools. If you haven’t seen the news then you wouldn’t have heard that about 40% of kids are overweight in the U.S. (Internet 1). Even though some schools make it a required elective, many of the people that are in it, don’t even participate. This could lead to a decrease in the number of sport players, fans, and jobs that require physical work.

Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Oklahoma, Utah, the list goes on and on. All of these schools require 1 or less credits in physical education (Internet 1). Even though many schools require you to take physical education in elementary, middle, and high school, some don’t even require it past 5th grade. This is a small problem now, but soon enough, the government might stop the P.E.

program. If you look at the big picture, you can see what I mean. Bang! Bang! Bang! Do you know what that is? It’s the sound of the government passing the law about no required P.E. If that happen, then you will start to see the average weight in children go up, up, up.

This isn’t a laughing matter. Say this was to happen, do you think that life will be perfectly normal? Think again. There will be ambulances up and down the street. You will be hearing more about young people having heart attacks and diabetes. If you think about it, there’s much more to P.

E. than sports. Imagine you are a kid again, you see your favorite team tied with the other team. You would do anything to make them win. Look, they scored a point and won the game at the last second! Now imagine there aren’t any sport players.

There are no games. You’re just sitting there, listing to some old people music on your grandma’s radio. This is just another reason why we need P.E. Without it, there wouldn’t be nearly as many sport players and much less fans.

There would be plenty of openings at the Gym or at factories. No one would want to work because of how lazy they would be. Think about it, P.E. = Good.

Now if you’re still thinking that I am just a student writing because this is an assignment for school, then you’re right. But I’m not just writing for a grade, I picked this subject to get the word around and that word is P.E. You might think, “Oh, O.K. a kid is trying to convince by telling me that many schools don’t require P.

E.” Well it’s not just that, there is also the problem about the overweight kids and a lazy population. Just think about what you want, before you just make assumptions. We need P.E.

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