What will you do if someone offers you the key to your dreams? It all started at the mall, Diamond was confident, and very positive, till the question frightens her.

That makes people pray for her. Will she be okay? Made everyone worried. Then again she questions herself, what happen? Diamond is a great dancer. Love by many people. Has friends, and well in school. Strong and passionate, who dreams to become a star in Hollywood.

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When Diamond was asked by a random stranger, whose seems to be wealthy, named Dan said he has a daughter named Chloe who is a star in Hollywood. He knows what she wanted, and so he convinced her. She responded. She wasn’t thinking, nor didn’t plan this to happen, she never wanted this. I think this a great narrative. It authorized the main character’s strength.

It is an awesome book that gave me a lesson, also to everyone out there. This book gives clear images. The author will explain the main character’s view, and fears, through her adventure.