Parasyte the Maxim

Reflective Essay “Upon researching the concept of demons, I believe that, among all life, humans are the closest thing to it”. – Migi. People truly are demons in the show “Parasyte – The Maxim”. This could easily be my favorite show.

Anywhere in the plot of the show, the main character, and the enemies, you will see that anyone near you could be a dangerous being. So, about the parts of the plot that I enjoy. I absolutely love the originality of the story. One night, parasitic creatures come down from the sky and try to invade the human brain to take complete control over the person. Making the human a “mincemeat murderer”. And as one parasyte in particular (eventually named migi, meaning “right” in japanese) tries to access the brain, but gets knocked away.

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Instead it goes into the targets right hand. Thus creating a very cool being that only the hand is non human, and the main character is another thing that feels cool to me. That target happens to be the main character, Shinichi Izumi. An intelligent 17 year old, someone that doesn’t have too many friends but eventually gets stronger, that thinks a snake is attacking him during the night. Since Migi only got into the right hand and not the brain, Shinichi is still in a lot of control over his body.

The parasyte still changes him, in appearance and his feelings. He becomes stronger and smarter in fights. While getting taller, he also gets better vision allowing him to get rid of his glasses. His feelings get worst as well. Friends are getting ignored and he starts to feel slim to no sadness.

His life gets much more serious knowing that he and his right hand are the only things to stop these creatures. These enemy creatures are very different than him.Since they have full control over the human, they can create different weapons and have different capabilities with other parts. They are much faster and try to contain their lethality as much. Anywhere from attacking schools to just being plain murderous somewhere, they do really cool things to make a very nice addition to the show.

So after all I talked about my favorite parts in the plot, who the main character is and how he changes, and how the enemies are much different. So if we were to study the concept of demons, and if humans were the closest to it, we could all be demons in the eyes of who sees us. We all have demon inside whether we have dug deep enough to find it is another concept.