Patience is a virtue that few people truly have. According to Merriam-Webster, patience is the ability to remain calm and not become annoyed when waiting for a long time or when dealing with problems or difficult people. To me, my parents are prime examples of what patience truly is. Their patience influences me daily. I try to be just like them in every way I can, but still their amount of patience with everything in life amazes me.

I am currently a senior at Park Rapids High School. With everything that goes on in school, it sometimes gets hard to be patient. Whether it’s the other students, teachers, or homework, I feel as if I am doing a good job at being patient. Waiting for test results, handling all the homework, and dealing with students that interrupt me from learning are a few examples. This definitely rubbed off from my parents to me.

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Without their amount of patience, I don’t feel as if I would handle various situations as well as I do. In the 9th grade we were assigned a group for a class project. We were all assigned to do certain parts, but one student was joking off not doing his work. I got so mad I could’ve just yelled at him, but what would that prove? Instead, I decided to be patient and nicely asked him if he could start working. Surprisingly, this worked well and I will always remember to be patient instead of getting mad. My parents are business owners in the town of Park Rapids.

They own three businesses that include a liquor store, gas station, and a gas/bulk delivery business. They deal with many customers daily, and they do their best to please the customers. There are customers that complain, but they need to still tolerate them in order to keep them coming in and giving them business. My dad has gas customers that complain about the prices and just about everything else you could imagine. Sometimes he even has some that complain right to his face.

My dad gets easily angered but he has so much patience that he can put up with it. Even if he’s boiling mad, you couldn’t tell the difference, he keeps his cool. Sure he could just start rambling on and on to that customer, but what would that solve for a business owner like him? He would lose a fellow customer and potentially a lot more, in a small town the word about people gets around fast, so a good reputation is key. Customers test my parents patience fairly often. Both have had customers complain about the gas prices in town and how they think my parents control them.

Time after time they have had all sorts of people complain and moan right to their faces. My parents even tell me about some of their experiences. My dad tells me he listens politely and will explain how the gas business works if the person is interested. Most of the time the customer just “knows” how it all works. This would really anger me, but my parents continue to always show good attitude and be respectful even to those who are not respectful towards them. “Patience is not simply the ability to wait- it’s how we behave while we’re waiting”.

Joyce Meyer I like how Joyce Meyer worded this quote, and I believe it’s true and my parents do a good job at following it. Patience is not just waiting, it’s more than that. It’s truly how you behave while you’re waiting. If you have the ability to wait but have a bad attitude while doing so, you’re not considered a patient human being. This is what I love so much about my parents and their sense of patience.

They can handle any situation without getting upset, even when things get stressful. They can always find a solution to the problem without anybody getting mad. A business owner that lacks patience is like a light without a bulb, it just doesn’t work. My dad had his patience tested for a year straight. He wanted to get his private pilot’s license, it was on his bucket list and really wanted to accomplish it. He studied any time he had free time, weekends or after work, he was always busy studying.

He also had to fly with an instructor. This could get stressful because there is so much to know. He threatened to quit and give up on his goal. But, he never lost his sense of patience and kept on going with a positive attitude. After all the hard work and patience that went along with it, he finally got his pilot’s license.

Patience and a good attitude got my dad through the stressful process of getting his pilot’s license. Patience doesn’t just deal with humans and work, it also can be with hunting and fishing. Another way my dad shows this is by being patient while bow hunting. He can sit in a stand for hours and not see a deer, but still continues to show good attitude and not give up. I look up to him and try to do the same. It can get frustrating putting in all the work of deer hunting and not seeing a deer.

All you can do is wait and keep trying. I have had my patience tested on a couple of different occasions. I was waiting in line at Wal-Mart and the person in front of me was taking forever. Three kids running around her and not having enough money to pay for all of her groceries, I started to get impatient. I was in a hurry to get to work and this is why I was going to be late.

Instead of telling the lady to hurry up or be rude, I decided to keep my mouth shut and keep a smile on. I figured there’s no reason to get upset over this situation so I kept a good attitude. Another occasion my patience got tested was over driving. As I was driving down the highway, a lady decides to pull out in front of me last minuet from her driveway. I slammed on my brakes so I wouldn’t smack into her car.

Then she decides to go 45mph in a 55mph zone. Two things that tested my patience in one scene. I thought about tailgating her car and honking my horn because this truly angered me. Instead, I decided to not be a jerk and kindly passed her the next chance I could. There’s no need for me to be mean, so I put on a good attitude and didn’t let it affect me in a negative way.

Patience is something important to my family and me. I’ve seen how much patience my parents have and how they have had it for many years. It is starting to rub off on me as I now work at all three of my parents’ businesses. They continue to tell me to have a good sense of patience towards all customers, patience and a good attitude are key. I just hope someday I will share as much patience as my parents do.

Just remember, good things come to those who wait, but even better things come to those who have a good attitude while they wait.