It’s hard to wait. Things sometimes can take a long time to come or to wait for something to happen, and you can wait for it, or you can try to do something to make it come faster. In the tv show “fuller house” two boys were waiting for dj to choose what boy she wants to date. They both waited for a very long time but both of the boys gave up and got new girlfriends.

Later one of the boys broke up with his girlfriend to be with Dj. Dj never really wanted to go out with that one boy, but she couldn’t wait so she went out with that boy. In the movie “mean girls” the main character had liked this boy name Aaron and she had waited to finally get him. He dated her “friend” before and she kept getting in the way of her and Aaron. Cady didn’t give up and knew waiting was hard, but she just had kept on waiting and in the end, she had ended up dating Aaron and they were both very happy that they’ve finally been able to be together after that long waiting period.

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They both been then and all of the drama. I, myself have gone through many times where i had to wait for something and it wasn’t easy. Recently my cheer team was wanting to go compete in Disney in April, but you have to get invited and this weekend we’ve done really good and we wanted to know if we had gotten a bid. But the catch is, we couldn’t find out until Tuesday and those were the two longest days in my whole life and later we found out we did get a bid, but only an at-large and we want to get a paid. I always wondered how many times in your life you have to wait for something and it’s really hard.

I think that if people actually let things come to you and take things slowly, it wouldn’t be so hard to wait like it is for most people.