Phones in School? – Descriptive Essay

Getting ready for school. Did I forget something? No. Wait, yes!!!! My phone.

Wait, no. Yes!!!! I have an expensive phone. It has a GPS if I get lost, wifi everywhere in case I need to look something up and unlimited calling and texting incase I need to contact somebody. What if something goes wrong in school? Need to contact my parents? Maybe the police or ambulance? Don’t worry, I’ll just use my phone. You have an expensive phone. “Leave it at home! I don’t want you to lose it! After school and on weekends you can use your phone.

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I’ll buy you another phone. A cheap one! Only for calling and texting! It can come to school with you. It stays turned off and in your backpack. You only may use it for an emergency.” In class i’m bored, I text my friends and play a game.

In class you must have your work. Yeah yeah. We hear it all the time. You have to pay attention. Learn something. It helps you pass your test.

It helps you do better in life! Everybody tells me this all the time, my mom, my dad and teachers. Sometimes we just get bored and want to use our phones. It takes all that stress away in a classroom. Others think not so much. Should I bring my phone? Yes. I can’t leave home without it.

NO! I want to do good in school. I want to have better life! Wait no. Yes! What should I do? My parents and my friends parents all think phones are bad in school, unless to contact someone incase of an emergency. Or to tell your parents your after school plans. Like, “Oh, hi mom, can you pick me up early today? Practice got canceled.” See isn’t that easier than using the school phone.

Seriously who needs to use those anymore? I’m also happy because some of my teachers think that cell phones in class are amazing! They think cell phones are a great learning tool! I also agree with them that phones are amazing! Cell phones are like a hand held computers. It can enhance, or even replace classroom technology that are very expensive for schools tight budgets. Instead of thinking of cell phones are a distraction, students can use their phones for many great things! For example, they can be used like a dictionary, translator, notebook, etc. Maybe our teachers could email our work sheets to us and we could use our phones to work on the sheet! Once we finish, we could email out worksheet with our answers and work back to our teacher! See phones aren’t that bad,. What was I thinking? Not bringing my phone to school. I can’t believe I had second thoughts! That was ridiculous! “Wait! But on the other hand, that was something that could happen.

Phones are still not allowed to be used like that in classrooms yet.” If I did bring my phone to school, teachers have lots of complaints about students and their cell phones. “For example, some teachers notice the use of cellphones in class. While teachers are teaching and giving out important information, students are playing a video game, texting, listening to music etc. instead of getting the knowledge they need to learn something and use it to their advantage.” Yeah, alright I know that whole speech.

Lets go figure something out. “Well, in school and out of school there are students getting bullied. For example, cyber bullied. In school phone numbers are spreaded easily. Including emails. The students are getting called names and some students are also getting death threats! It is better to leave your phone at home so you don’t respond and cause more problems.

You also don’t want you phone getting taken away. one of the most common things is that some students also use their phone to cheat. They get the answers to a test, or a copy of the test to use it and cheat on the real test! They may even look something up they may need to know on the real test.” Oh geese. More bad news.

I don’t know what I should do! Bring it! No… I can’t. Yes I can!!!! No.

.. Yes…

No! AAAAHHHH!!!! Yes! I got it! I could just being my phone but turn it off and leave it in my backpack. Well. That wasn’t so hard.