No Cell Phones Free Essay Sample

Students sit down and class is about to start. No, their homework from last night is not the first thing on the student’s desk, instead their looking up trying to find where the teachers at. The coast is clear and out comes the cell phone. We are thirty- six minutes into class and the phone vibrates and out come the cell phone again but the problem now is that you have no idea of what’s going on in class. Now in days, students are more focused on sending text messages to their friends instead of listening to the teachers. The funny thing is that cell phones are not allowed in school and there still being used during class! How far do teachers have to go to enforce this rule? All cell phones are doing is distracting teenagers and students everywhere.

It’s understandable that students need their cell phones for emergencies but if an emergency occurs then that’s what a school phone is for. School is a place to learn and to earn efficient grades and if students are texting during class then it’s very disrespectful to teachers and to students themselves; it affects their own learning. The problem is also that some teachers don’t enforce this rule and this is why students don’t take it serious. On the other hand, some teachers are strict about this rule and enforce all rules in school. All teachers nee to enforce this rule, “No cell phones in school” so that every student can be treated equal and also so that students don’t take it as racism if a teacher takes a phone away from a Mexican and not from an American. If teachers enforce this rule then students will stop using their phones little by little and eventually not use them at all so that they won’t be taken away.

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