Please Stop This

School: We all have to deal with it at sometime in our life. Many people say the main focus is learning and education, but I see many different things going on in my school. I go to middle school, so I’m at the ‘dramatic age’ as my mom would say it. But drama and danger seem to have a very fine line between each other. An example is bullying.

Alot of kids see it as just a bunch of drama going on between kids, but the ones being bullied see it as a hurt that will never heal. It could lead to suicide, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, extreme depression, or many other things. I’m tired of seeing teenagers either getting arrested for drug/alcohol abuse or seeing them found dead by their parents. Many people see this kind of stuff and may feel a short minute of pure hatred for the people who bullied these kids, but it does nothing. I believe the only thing that will stop this is if the bullies actually see stuff like this for themselves and actually think about it and remember all of those inoccent people they’ve scarred either on the outside or inside or both But I’m afraid that when they actually see something that does make them see the hurt they caused, it will be something about one of those kids that they had bullied and scarred.

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So my one question is: Who is going to stop this before we lose anymore teens to suicide or drug and alcohol abuse? Anyone know the answer to this question?