Growing up in the middle of nowhere is quite unusual here in America; but not if you live in Mexico and are very poor with little opportunities. I once lived in Mexico and was poor; my chances of getting somewhere far where literally one in a trillion.My family and I used to live in the middle of nowhere. Danger could be found everywhere and at the least expected moment.Growing up there made me appreciate several things about America that many take for granted. The fact that there’s school transportation appeased me.

In Mexico I had to walk through the forest for about an hour to get to school. It wasn’t safe at all but we had to take the risk in order for my siblings and me to get educated. Surely, I was amazed when I first entered a school here in America. Most of the schools are colossal compared to the one I used to go to. There are hundreds of students in just one school. Unlike in Mexico there was only 23 pupils total, that included first graders through sixth graders.

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Here in the U.S I sometimes find myself contemplating technology. Technology is more advanced in some ways. Apparently this country seems to be run by technology. Back in Mexico we had to do everything physically.For example, we didn’t have a car.

Instead we used horses to get to places or walk. In reality I do miss that because I would exercise every morning by running to school; that kept me healthier.Also none of my family members own a phone or computers. Here I see how every kid has the newest iPhones, laptops, iPods, etc. It was unconceivable for me to actually own a phone some time in my life time.

There’s an infinity variety of technology offered to people living here. At first what made me think that America was a very civilized country was the fact that traffic in incredibly organized and traffic rules are enforced. There are signs everywhere warning people about what’s coming next. The roads are organized; nothing compared to those where I used to walk. They were uneven and rocky. Then, there are the streetlights.

Yeah, there are streetlights in Mexico but not where I lived. In fact I didn’t even know about their existence until I came here.What really caught my attention was the fact that the government really enforces rules and people must follow them or suffer the consequences.Overall there are things that didn’t please me as well but I learned to live with it. But every country has its downfalls.Despite the imperfections I believe that Mexico, America, and others countries are imperfectly perfect.