Free Essay on Procrastination

My teacher just assigned me a project.

She wanted me to do it right away and I want to show her that I can do it. Usually when she gives me assignments, I always “procrastinate”. I do it for several reasons. 1. Perfection-The main problem when I am working on a special project of any sort, I tend to take a long time to even begin.

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By me being a writer I love for my work to be perfect. So I brainstorm and think a lot about it. Before I know it my work is late without me even starting it. 2. Laziness- Another problem is laziness.

Now I know we all get lazy at times. We will get the work and constantly say we are going to do it but never get around to it. Eventually the teachers will keep asking for it and unfortunately we never get it to them because we are to lazy to get it done so it just becomes a BIG FAT “F” 3. Putting things before work- I am a teenager in high school and I know everyone knows that all teenagers love to talk on the phone. I am like a text messaging freak so I always get caught up in that also.

I get caught up in as well. MySpace is like a drug for all teenagers so once you sign in its BIG TROUBLE. Now I know I am not the only person who does that and we all have to put it to a stop but the question is how?