Prom and High School

Every little girl has dreamed about that one special night. She’ll wear a beautiful ball gown, have the time of her life, and dance ‘til dawn, all with the boy of her dreams. Where is this dream set? At her high school prom. Most little girls have dreamt of prom.

When you are a little five year old, Prom is the equivalent of Cinderella’s dance with Prince Charming. But as you continue your march through life, one little problem with that dream comes up: Prom is not a fairytale. You go, you dance, you have fun, but where is the magic? Where is the love of your life? What happens if you don’t get asked? Even the other dances during the school year don’t compare to prom. Sure Homecoming is fun, Sweethearts is cool, Preference is the one time girls get to ask to a formal dance, but none of them quite have the glory of Prom. After all, girls grow up hearing stories about the perfect Prom, not the perfect Preference. It’s even everywhere in the movies.

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High School Musical 3, Footloose, 10 Things I Hate About You, they are all are about prom. Some girls think that if they don’t get asked to prom, they might as well stop living. The weeks go by, and as prom gets closer and closer, and they still don’t have a date, they start to despair. They try to put on a brave front, pretending they don’t care, but it doesn’t really work. I’m not saying that this is a good thing, that’s just the way it is. Some how girls have even been brainwashed into basing their self-worth on whether or not they get asked to prom.

Since when does your worth become based on your popularity? Since high school. High school is a dog-eat-dog world that consists of popularity and intelligence contests, and it is nearly impossible to win both of them. Unfortunatly, prom falls under the category of “popularity contest”. If i girl isn’t well liked, she won’t get asked. End of story. So if you don’t get asked to prom, it will hurt, I understand.

This ism y junior year, and I still haven’t been asked to Prom. But don’t kill yourself over it. Guys in high school really aren’t worth the trouble.