Prom: Will It Ever Get Old

Is prom really tradition? Is it looked upon by high school students as the end all be all of social events during those strange and stressful four years of high school.

For myself prom is a tradition that just doesn’t mean that much. Why? For the same reasons you probably think it doesn’t. One reason obviously would be the hassels involved with prom planning. If you are a working student like I am, I seriously doubt you would want to spend several hundred dollars on overpriced suits and dresses, along with a fancy meal. Really? It is overwhelming! For me especially because this years prom, marks my second time. Nevertheless I still find myself attending the prom.

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Huh? I guess I’m going through the “motions” of what I think as the typical student who feels if they don’t go to prom, they are missing out on something that they will never experience again. Or if they don’t go their teen years are ruined or mean less than the other person who went. Yeah right? Oh well. Get over yourself, is what I think you should do. If you want to attend the prom, I think you should definately go, but if you don’t, don’t sweat it. It’s OK.