Study Pressure Mounting On Students!

hello friends ,i would like to ask u a simple question “what is a pressure cooker?” u ‘l say it’s a machine which cooks food quickly due to the pressure mounting in it. but now coming on to the present situation we the students feel like a pressure cooker due to the pressure of scoring top grades in school stimulated by our parents and teachers.this makes me remember a dialogue from our favourite movie 3 idiots”life is like a race if u dont compete u’l be like a broken anda!” literally are we what our marks potray us? dont we have an individual personality that is beyond the horizon of marks and grades? how much presence of mind ,intellectual capability,debating capacity,optimistic attitude a child has can never be judged in a fence we call “marks”.

obviously marks tell us how much we need to improve our knowledge about the subjects and exams give us a test-drive/glimpse of the cut-throat competition in the world which is vere essential. but at times this competition also takes a toll over children making them take even severe/grave steps like “suicide”. A flabbergasting fact is that Sachin tendulkar who is considered as the God of cricket actually failed in his board examination and the great inventor and scientist sir thomas alva edison was a school dropout.So did they judge themselves only by their marks? no they didn’t. Infact many of the students who are a bit low in studies but are exceptionally good in dramatics,sports,elocution etc.

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so dont let yourself be judged by your marks but excel in a field that is closer to your heart and then wait and watch how the whole world praises/salutes you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!