Punish the Aggressers

I don’t know about other schools but I know within the schools that I personally have been to and with people I have talked to at other schools, bullying is a big issue. And a even bigger issue is techers not stopping it!! Now you know just as well as I do that telling kids to stop saying stuff abou eachother behind their backs isn’t going to stop it. But that is what the techers are doing. They don’t want to take away any privleges or anything for the kids they know who are doing it, they just want to either talk about it so the agresser thinks that the agressie said something and it will make it worse. Or they will take the whole grade or maybe the whole school’s privleges away for one or two people bullying someone.

One really relivant example is this past school year for the last two months my grade(the 9th grade) were NOT allowed tohave our phones out anywhere or at anytime during the school day because two girls told a 8th grader to go kill herself. And I don’t agree with what they did but really the whole 9th grade. They had already got their phones taken away at the begining of the year for a picture tha they had posted on snapchat!!!!

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