Really College Really??

How the heck do we make the decision of where to spend our next 4 years?We are high school students legally still children yet we are asked to make decisions that impact the rest of our lives. I suppose every decision could be hyped up to that but this is college. There are so many factors that go into where you might end up. You have to factor in distance, cost, education offered, sports and scholarships.

Are you staying close or far away? Both have advantages, staying close allows you to come home more often, while some argue that venturing further out gives you more real life experience. Cost is perhaps the most looked at aspect of college and post college life. With schools becoming more and more expensive with crippling students loans many students look to community colleges and transfer sophomore year. It’s an economically savvy way to get an education; sometimes it doesn’t make sense with what you’re studying though. What are you studying by the way? Wait what you don’t know? So many don’t know what they want to study and that’s not a real problem, because most colleges don’t make you declare you’re major until the beginning of your junior year anyways. Many schools offer scholarships to their students , does it make sense to just go where you can get the most money? You have to compare your scholarship opportunity with the price of tuition and make decisions based on which school has the most value for you.

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An athlete you say? You’ll want to find schools that have your sport and talk to their coaches and determine whether you can play for them or best case scenario you can obtain an athletic scholarship to play for their school. Is the food good? Is the campus nice? What’s the weather like? How many students are enrolled? There are so many questions when it comes to college it’s a long process that takes time and research. Happy hunting and remember have fun, college is a new and exciting time enjoy the process of finding your future home.