Safe Landing

Life is constantly evolving. We measure this continuous evolution through concrete milestones: from taking our first steps to walking across the graduation stage to watching our children take their first steps. While these changes can be exciting, the human instinct in us tells us to fear change. College is no exception.

Leaving home and being independent for the first time in many of our lives can feel like jumping out of a plane – we realize that the anticipation of the fall was worse than the fall itself only once we’ve landed safely on solid ground. College involves more responsibility than most of us have ever experienced previously. Between keeping track of expenses, learning the hard way to separate whites from darks, and resisting the temptation to skip dinner and instead binge on cheesecake, the decisions ahead can be daunting. However, keeping in mind the lessons we’ve learned from our parents and peers over the years will direct us on the right path. Every other eighteen year old is struggling with the same uncertainty – and if they aren’t, that probably means they’re making reckless decisions.

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Sure, we’ll make mistakes along the way, but we’ll pick ourselves back up and keep going – because that’s what we need to do. While this looming milestone in life feels exciting for many, everyone feels an underlying apprehension – a “What if?” question – that can shake your confidence. Don’t let it. Be confident knowing that you direct your future and can redirect it when needed. Be confident knowing that no one is one hundred percent certain.

Be confident knowing that you will jump out of that plane and land safely on solid ground.