Do you ever think about your feelings and how you care about others? Do you ever feel – almost heartless – as if you don’t care about anyone but yourself? The reason for this is how our human mind is.

Of course, we would be grieving if a close friend or maybe even a colleague died, but only because in one-way or another they affected our lives somehow. Immediate and unforeseen changes are always frightening and may cause us distress. But what about refugees who have no food, no water, and no place to sleep? Do we honestly care about these people? The answer is no, these people don’t matter to us. Empathy is not a part of human instinct. We did not learn to be sympathetic through our “god-given” instincts.

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We learned to be sympathetic through community and learning how sympathy gives the person who’s giving sympathy a benefit as to getting closer with the griever. Soon enough, empathy was expected of all of us in these communities, and it became something everyone somehow knew. Humans are made to be selfish and only care and provide for themselves and their families. Humans are savage creatures, who’s slowly been tamed by none other than our own race. Why were we tamed and domesticated? For the benefit of our leaders, because power gives humans great pleasure, that is an instinct built into us.

Racism? The whites were the ethnicity to reach the most power before other ethnicities, resulting in slavery. Did you not expect humans to stoop so low as to slaving their own kind? Keep in mind the human race started as low as it could have possibly been: Killing each other for whatever reason imaginable. If you were not family, you had no purpose to me. Unless you could benefit me in some way, your life meant nothing. Lives cost as much as the person who kills you thinks it should cost.