The Inevitable End of the Human Race

Artificial Intelligence is more dangerous than nuclear weapons. ?Artificial Intelligence is the development of computer systems that are able to perform tasks that normally require a human,?according to the Merriam Webster Dictionary. A.I. will cause many problems for human society; consequently, Artificial Intelligence will eradicate the human race. A.

I. should be feared because it may supersede the human race, threatens human jobs, and A.I. won’t necessarily benefit our society. Artificial Intelligence will supersede the human race.

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Stephen Hawking is a theoretical physicist at Cambridge University; he is an expert in Artificial Intelligence. Hawking states, “The development of full artificial intelligence spells the end of the human race.” This means that Stephen Hawking thinks that developing A.I. that matches the level of intelligence that humans exude, will conquer the human race. Due to the fact that humans are not able to reprogram themselves at an increasing rate, and A.

I. can, we would be unable to compete and would therefore be superseded. Additionally, Nick Bostrom is a Swedish professor that researches Artificial Intelligence. He also wrote a book on the topic titled, “Superintelligence.” Bostrom stated,” Once machines surpass human intellect, they could eradicate humans extremely quickly.”What Bostrom is saying is important because A.

I. will eventually be able to kill all humans. They will be able to reach and surpass human intellect. When they do that, it will mark the end of the human race. Not only will A.

I. conquer and wipe out the human race, it also threatens human jobs. Also, Artificial Intelligence threatens human jobs. Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael Osborne are researching the effect of A.I.

on the job market at the University of Oxford. Their research has resulted in some rather astonishing findings. According to their research, “47% of total U.S. jobs alone could be automated and taken over by computers by 2033.

” This is important because A.I. is taking over human jobs. This is then leading to a higher unemployment rate. Which is then resulting in a higher rate of homelessness because the people that are newly unemployed due to A.I.

are not able to afford housing. This is all the result of A.I. creating a presence in the job market, it is sapping human jobs. Secondly, Daniel Nadler is the founder of Keshno, an analytics company that is transforming the finance industry, he is against Artificial Intelligence being used to replace human jobs. “Nadler predicts that 33%-50% of finance employees will lose their jobs to automation software.

“This information was concerning to many finance employees. They realized that a form of Artificial Intelligence would be taking their jobs. To most of the finance employees, discovering that their jobs were being lost to a robot was rather concerning.This proves that the assertion is correct because this shows that A.I. is replacing human jobs, this will continue, and may eventually lead to no use for humans.

Artificial Intelligence is threatening to the human job market, though some critics argue that A.I. is beneficial to human society. Lastly, critics argue that Artificial Intelligence has benefits to human society, but A.I.

will not necessarily contribute to human society. Last month, Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and hundreds of other experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence development, wrote a letter saying that A.I. is more dangerous to humans than nuclear weapons. The letter stated, ” The ethical dilemma of bestowing moral responsibilities on robots calls for rigorous safety and preventative measures that are fail-safe, or the threats are too significant to risk.

They are more dangerous to humans than a nuclear attack.” This information was startling to many. It says —in no uncertain terms —that A.I. is more likely to kill all humans than nuclear weapons.

This is certainly is something to fear about Artificial Intelligence. Elon Musk is the founder of the company Spacex. He is an expert on A.I. Musk stated, “Artificial Intelligence is our greatest existential threat.”This means that A.

I. is the human race’s greatest outside threat. It is more likely to kill all humans than any weapon. This was very concerning to such experts such as Stephen Hawking, and Nick Bostrom. Artificial Intelligence is the greatest threat to humans; it has no benefits to human society.

Artificial Intelligence has no benefits to human society; it will ruin the job market, and will ultimately wipe out the human race. In the near future, when A.I. is accessible to all people; it will take away the things that humans do to call themselves human. Artificial Intelligence should most certainly be feared. I encourage you, for the sake of the human race, to write your local Congressman to try to keep A.

I. from eradicating the human race.