Race in America

People who are sheltered from the real world are the only people who would ever say that there are no racist people in America.

You can just go play Call of Duty online for about a half hour and you will hear the most racist eleven year olds yelling at you the entire time. There are hundreds of thousands of racist people in America, and there will always be hundreds of thousands of racist people in America. Unless if there was a plague that went all over the world and infected everyone and it made everybody lose their memory, look the same, talk the same way, believe in the same things, act the same and all of these things stay the same thing forever; then there wouldn’t be any racist people. The majority of Americans will grow up in a single raced family their entire lives. So as they grow up, they become more familiar with the race of their family when compared to the other races of the world. As if their race is the norm.

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So then, when a baby grows up with their family, when he/she sees another race, they automatically think differently about them because they look different than him/her. They can’t help it; it is just human nature to spot out the things that aren’t the norm in their life. Like if one of their favorite toys are gone or if they are having something really nice for dinner that they haven’t seen before. Just in this case it’s another person’s race and sometimes the things you think about them can be hurtful. Also you can grow up in a racist family so that as you grow up, you continue to hear racist things, so that becomes the norm so it’s okay to be racist.

It’s just like as you grow up, you learn not to swear or poop in your pants. As a baby your brain is like a sponge and they learn things from what they see repeatedly. So if a child grows up in that racist family, there is a huge chance that child will grow up to be racist and all this just because of the kid hearing their parents say the racist things around him/her. There will always be racist people in the world and there is nothing we can do about it. People may try to get groups together to abolish racist people in the community and that may work, but we can’t control the countries around the world. Yes, countries around the world hate us too.

People around the world despise America and everyone who lives here, which makes us hate them again. Racism is a never ending circle that existed in the past, exists right now, and will always exist no matter what we say or do.