School on National Days

“Wake up Rubin,” my mom told me.

“What are you talking about mom, where are we going,” I said to her. “What do you mean where are we going, nobody’s going anywhere only you are going at school,” she said. Then I remembered that our teachers and director told us a week ago that we were going to have school on Friday. Everyone else didn’t have school because there was a celebration day and I thought that I wasn’t going to school too, but I forgot that I had to be there on Friday because I had a test. The celebration day was Bajram which is a very big day in Albania and almost everybody celebrates it, but my school doesn’t. I begged to my mom to not go to school for like 20 times, but she didn’t let me stay home because one, she is strict about school and two, she knew that I had a test.

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That day that I went to school, I was really tired because I thought that I didn’t have school on the other day so I slept very late. I went to school very tired and I almost slept in class that day. Also in the test I got a really bad grade because I wasn’t concentrated. I wasn’t concentrated because I kept thinking what my friends and relatives were doing while I was at school. Then I thought what effects does not celebrating some big national days cause. Our school said that it improves your learning and it’s not a very big deal if you have school in some national days, but I didn’t think so and thought completely different because to some people it’s a very big deal if you have school in a national day because to them that day might be very important.

To make my opinion more true I asked some of my friends who are in the same school as me what they thought about it. Most of the ones I asked thought the same way as me, only one girl who studies a lot said the opposite thing. This is why my school make me really angry sometimes because they don’t get it that for some students some national days are very important to them and also to their family. The school sometimes causes problems to the plans that many families have. They can’t go anywhere or organize something because their kids have school and this is a very bad thing.

The students can’t even celebrate that day with their friends or their relatives because they have school and homework. Our school also says that it has school on some national days because they have an American system. I think this is kind of stupid because our school is in Albania and not in America so that’s not fair when all the schools in Albania have break, and we don’t. I think that we should not have school on Albanian national days because it’s not fairfor the students and we would want to rest a little bit when everyone in the country doesn’t have school.