Schools Should Use Laptops Instead of Textbooks

Let’s replace all of our textbooks with laptops! Laptops should continue to persist in schools because most students prefer online learning, schools save some money, laptops are designed to be used in many subjects, and it is convenient to have one device rather than many books. So many new technology devices are being created and should be used in school classes for educational purposes. Most students would prefer to do their learning online. Nowadays, people have all sorts of technology that can be accessed in and out of schools. According to Holly Kell,” students prefer to take notes on their laptops.

” Laptops are not just to watch videos or listen to music. Laptops can be used to take notes, do research, projects,etc. There are all sorts of websites that has an educational purpose. Such as Schoology, Google Classroom.

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Those websites are not just used at school but at home as well. Classes should also use an app called iMovie. iMovie allows you to create short clips on a particular subject that you can show to your classmates, help them learn as well as you learn too. To take notes online, students are allowed to use Google Docs,Word, or note taking apps. Google Docs, Word can store and save all your notes and anything else that students jot down. To study, students can make flashcards on Quizlet, an online site to make study tools to help students study.

Rather than buying flashcards, most students end up losing the cards. With Quizlet online, students can look back at their cards anytime they need to without it getting lost. Additionally, schools save some money on these textbooks. Just one student needs more than one book because each class requires a book. If we use laptops or other tablet, schools would save much more money because each student only needs one laptop or tablet. With the money that is not used, schools can used it to go on field trips, and have fun activities at school.

Also, having to have more than one textbook is really inconvenient. Flipping through tons of pages to find one piece of information can be really frustrating. Students might not be able to find exactly what they are looking for. Laptops are so much easier to use. Students can store homework, textbooks, documents, and assignments into a usb and give the usb to their teacher to grade or do whatever they need to. Jamey M.

believes that ” an iPad or other tablet has some advantages.” For instance, if students miss a day of class, they can go onto Schoology or any other site to see if they missed any assignments that day and do it directly at home. That makes school easier for students and that they will not be behind once they come back to school. That way, students will also have no work missing. Although there might be some students who would much rather hand write notes and look through textbooks, more students would rather use laptops.

Yet some students like to waste their class time to go on social media and do things that is not related to what they are doing in class. However, those students should not affect others who actually take the privilege of using laptops for educational purposes.