SCREAM!!! Free Essay Example

Ahhh! What’s happening! Why is life getting so stressful! All this homework and due dates and honors and APs and SATs and ACTs and SIGN HERE PLEASE and LAB FEES, ALL THIS MEANS, NO TIME FOR ME!! I’m becoming flustered, two years ago, life was simple: I would go to school, go to class, and do a little bit of class work, then go home and do my homework which took ten minutes.

NOW, I go to school, take an UNLIMITED amount of notes (to the point where my hand becomes numb) then go home and do SIX HOURS OF HOMEWORK NOT INCLUDING HAVING TO STUDY FOR EXAMS! I barely have time to watch the TV, I barely have time for the MP3 but I will take my time so I can SCREAM! AHHHH! The older you get, the more the plot thickens, Can’t go on that hot date because you have to read Charles Dickens! As you get older teachers and parents get more serious, while MOUNTAINS of HOMEWORK STARTS TO MAKE YOU DELIRIOUS! I remember the good old days when my biggest concern was hanging out with my friends and having fun. TODAY, hanging out with friends means going to the library to do an essay and having fun means studying for the SAT! You know before life got complicated, the term “SAT” meant I just sat down because my mom told me to stop running around in the house. NOW it’s this huge, vital, life or death exam that helps determine which colleges will even look at you! School is throwing so much knowledge; I hope I don’t forget it before I get to college, Oh the days of being little and playing with food, BUT NOW TESTS AND HOMEWORK KEEP ME IN A STRESSFUL MOOD, man my life used to be easy and serene but now my life just makes me want to SCREAM!!!

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