Senioritz= Blowoff?

Why is it that when senior year rolls around that everyone in my grade decides to blow it off? I mean, I get it in a way where it is our last year of high school and that you want it to be summer where all you do is sleep in , do nothing, talk to friends on Facebook through chat or writing on each other’s walls and so on and so forth.

But do you really have to blow off a year, just because everyone else does it doesn’t make it right. I mean if everyone jumped off a cliff would you follow as well or not. I think I would pass. To be honest I don’t get colleges are still looking at grades and everything else since freshman year. Why do you blow off a year when college is just around the corner? Colleges can always e-mail you or call you and say we’re watching you from now and until you graduate.

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This is why for me when senioritz (a word that we call at my school for blowing off senior year) hit most or all of my friends I don’t think that I should help them get their grades back to where they should have them at all times. I will warn them and if they chose to ignore me then that’s their own chose but they shouldn’t come crying to me when their grades slip up here and there. I am pretty intelligent but I don’t see the point do you? I mean why blow off one year when you get horrible grades and do poorly, when you don’t have to blow off a year and you can get excellent grades and do well in your classes and understand things-wouldn’t that be better. I think that it is better to have your mind wrapped around the idea that you are willing to do the work or at least to try instead of saying that you don’t understand it and have to say I will copy off of my best friend later on this week, 1) I think that is cheating and that you aren’t benefiting for yourself and 2) you should go find your teacher or another classmate and say, hey I don’t understand this and I don’t want your notes so can you help me. That is what should be happening but I just don’t see that I see people asking for each other’s notes and saying here you go giving people back notes that they received 15 minutes ago.

But if they are notes exactly from your notebook then that is not a problem. But worksheets and everything else should be done without looking at notes or copying. I will admit that in the past I was like that, where I would ask a friend for notes that he/she got a class before mine and I would copy everything down. Or my teacher would post answers online where I wouldn’t do the work I would just go on to his/her website to find the answers to questions and it would feel easy at the time because the answers were online. When quizzes came around some of the questions I would remember but then when my teacher said we have a test next week I knew I wasn’t about to study or I would forget and then all of a sudden it was test day and on the test would I know anything maybe I would have something memorized but other than that I would take my time trying to work on it.

Get the test back a couple days later and it wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be. So here is what I am will to tell you don’t blow off a year of school and work at your grades because colleges will be looking at those from freshman year till senior, STUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It does help do it with friends or do quiz reviews or something just don’t blow it off and go it the morning before the test just don’t start studying that morning it won’t help and no second guessing trust your first instinct it is usually right. So do this and well college won’t be happening after you graduate and if you don’t do this you will be on your way to college.