Sex and Marriage

Sex is one of the subjects that have left parental-children relation strained.

Most of the religions advocate for sex after marriage. This concept has not gone well with most of the children especially in the present age and time. Globalization has made things worse with influences of cultural diversity playing a big role. To some societies, discussing sex was prohibited and the thought of even talking about it with the elderly in the society was a taboo. This has led to the young teenagers to seek for answers elsewhere.

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The inability to get answers from the relevant authority on the changes they encounter emotionally and psychologically, most of the youth have opted to venture and explore the sex world without the guidance of the parents or the informed groups. This has led to many getting involved in activities that have left them with irreparable effects in their lives. Media and the advancement of information technology have offered a platform where people seek solutions to sex life. Most of the arguments have been advocating for sex to be exercised after marriage. The case here being that sex before marriage is illegal and marrying acts like a platform where sex is legalized and thus one has a right to it.

This scenario has been advocated especially from religious perspectives but it is not very popular in the current age and time. We have witnessed so many people engaging in sex out of marriage and most institutions do have the platform to implement such measures aimed at restricting sex to be for the married. Sex has also been seen to play a vital role in pleasure and leisure. Though primarily advocated to be for recreation. The fundamental reason for sex and when one can engage in sex is still an aspect that requires a holistic approach in addressing the challenge.

Both the moral and ethical dimensions that incorporate the socio-cultural diversity must be embraced.