Shades of Grey

As I grew up, I was taught there was right and there was wrong. Until I reached high school, I firlmy believed in one or the other. Therefore, as I entered high school I joined various organizations in hopes to pursue a degree in law. However, when I joined Model UN and the debate team in order to gain more experience that pertained to the law society, I realized that there are times that it is not as clear as day.

There is more than just black and white. There are grey areas too. I quickly became dissatisfied and decided to pursue a different career in life. I joined the emergency medical services team in college because I wanted to volunteer and help others in their most dire need. As I took courses and learned to work with patients, I not only learned important medical skills but I also learned that people come from all different walks of life. Medicine is an area of life in which there is not always a clear right or wrong.

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There are different people with different physiological functions that may not fall into any category studied. There are grey areas in medicine that don’t make sense and that require further research. The fact that this profession continues to grow and challenge even the most experience practitioners is an aspect of life that I cannot fathom not being a part of. There are so many grey areas left to explore that this is the profession I belong to, will grow in and be very successful in if provided with the right opportunities. Furthermore after volunteering for a year, I realized as a physician I would be able to help people and solve problems realistically; not using definitive rules but treating the body as a whole and understanding how each individual’s functions work in order to help it heal. Life isn’t black and white, but truly is filled with shades of grey.