Should All Sports Be Coed?

Imagine being told that you couldn’t join a sport because you were a girl or a boy.

How would you feel about that? In 1970, if a woman wanted to pursue a professional degree in college, chances were she wouldn’t be admitted to a law school or medical school program because she was a woman. However, it is not just in those fields. Most sports restrict girls from joining boys teams because they are a girl or vice versa. All sports should be coed because it could reduce the stereotyping and help build friendships. Girls and boys should be allowed to play on the opposite sex team because it can help minimize labeling.

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When girls play sports, they have the same amount of health and educational benefits as boys such as staying fit, better grades, a lower depression rate, and even a higher chance of getting into college. Having mixed teams become more common can take away the stereotype that girls can’t play sports as well as boys. According to The Sports Journal, “Title IX was monumental in increasing the participation of women in sports, but women still face scrutiny and stereotyping because of social norms, which define women as being fragile, less capable, and passive.” In order to solve this problem, sports should be coed to allow women or men to prove that they are capable. However, having coed sports could present a challenge because of its effects. According to, opposite genders “often wear different styles and cuts of uniforms, doubling the effort that teams have to make when selecting uniforms.” When teams retreat to the locker room at halftime, boys and girls will go to separate rooms, making it difficult for a halftime speech from the coach to prepare athletes for the rest of the game. However, having coed sports can help construct friendship bonds. In KidsSports Magazine, Steve Sampsell wrote “learning to view the opposite sex as a friend and not something intimidating is something kids can carry with them for life.” Sports at this prepubescent age is social; the kids are meant to have fun and get some exercise and the camaraderie will serve them well, according to Tim McCoy, director of member services at PA West U.

S. Youth Soccer. Sports should be opened to all genders because it can improve a child’s social life. In the end, all sports should become coed because of its benefits. Having coed sports could open the doors to many different possibilities.

A child that was reclusive before could become social because they are now able to join their favorite sport. Just imagine the look on a child’s face when they learn that they could join a sport they couldn’t before. Wouldn’t you want your child to be happy?