Should College Be Free? – Free Essay Example

Most high school student has one goal, to go to college. It’s truly scary as a student when we see the prices to go to college and achieve our career. As a student who wants to be in the medical field, it’s terrifying. Yes, there are people who say you can get a college degree. All you do is pay student loans. My question is how long are they going to keep paying that money? I have known people who have been paying student loans for the past 10 years.

We high schoolers go through a lot of stress we keep up with our grades, sports, friends, health and on top of all that we are to decide where the best place is to pursue our career. Is it frustrating when everyone around you is asking where you are going to college and you have no clue. Absolutely, yet all you say is I’m still looking. Money plays a huge role today’s society. The worst part is that we take the SATs.

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The issue with SATs that I have is that, colleges look at that one special number and the decide if you are eligible or not. If a student who want to be a teacher and they have some financial issues. Mostly that student will not be achieving their goal. Their dream to be a teacher is not reached because a piece of paper which has value to it. Another issue is that there are ivy league colleges.

What is the point of them? Parents want their child to go to the best of the best. Many parents put children through torture just because they want their child to go an ivy league college. Where is the time for us student to relax actually have time for ourselves. There are many people who argue that colleges shouldn’t be free. From their point of view, they believe that if a college is free there is no difference from high school to college. They think that students will come to class and sleep the entire time.

They believe that students will must more be responsible because they are paying for it. Statistics show that since last year 38 million American students owed more than $1.3 trillion in student loans.How would people be able to pay that money? I truly believe that college should be free. In conclusion, tuition is vacuum cleaner for money.

College is supposed to be a new beginning in life not a beginning to debt. College should be a place to learn and explore new things. Colleges should be free.