Should Kids Drop Out of School?

Dropping out of school does not get you to no where good.

Kids these days have to think about there future and what they want to become when they older. Some high schools have at least 40% and even 50% drop out rate. Drop outs are most likely to be unemployed, in prison, living in poverty (condition of being poor).receiving government assistance, they are less healthy; in gangland the number one thing that is that there parents are divorced. Most drop outs do not realize how seriousness of there decision to dropout of high school .

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Then when they start getting older they look back and realize that they made a mistake doing what they did in high school. There is a law that allows students to sign them sells out of school but they have to finish there school year plus they have to be 16 and they need there parents concern of dropping out. In New York there is a law that kids can’t drop out of school at the age of 16 they have to wait until they are 18 basically they’re seniors and there’s no use of dropping out. In my opinion kids should not drop out unless there’s good reason they have to. Looking at the school rates between public schools and private and charter school s the schools that have to most drop outs are public schools and the reason is pregnancy.