Why Teens Should Not Drop-Out of High School

Students who attend high school have the ability to go to college, work, or even go to a trade school. Some teens who graduated high school do the things I have mentioned and others don’t even finish college. Society calls these students Drop-Out. Some of the main causes of teens dropping out of high school are from the lack of parental guidance, difficult life circumstances, or even hanging out with the wrong people. Without a high school education finding a good paying job will be hard like a turtle racing a cheetah.

With an economy like this today McDonald’s, Burger King, or even Wendy’s cannot provide the life essentials that you may want in life. In today’s society parents are so addicted to work that they are working all day longer than someone working for Apple Inc. They work so much that they don’t have time for their own kids. With their parents not around teens can easily end up on the wrong side of the road.

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With nobody to look up too, teens will never know the importance of graduating high school and getting a diploma to have successful future. However, if teens aren’t serious about their education they will tend to fall into the wrong crowd. Falling into the wrong crowd can affect the future of a teenager life. Being with the same crowd you may end up doing drugs or start drinking. Drugs and alcohol can affect the decisions teens start to make. One of the decisions can be skipping school, by skipping school will you skip out on your education and you start failing your classes that you may need as a senior.

With your grades so low you will get it in your head that school isn’t for you and you will drop-out and fall right into the percentage rate. Even if it feels boring or irrelevant, just staying in school almost guarantees you’ll end up in a better place than if you dropped out.From those people who I know who dropped high school or just barely finished, it was either the inability to finish or a feeling that it would never matter. Frankly, a lot of that is the fault of the education system, a good education system is one that makes the weaker students interested and willing to learn the core academics. Graduating from high school and earning that high school diploma is extremely important for your future! You will have better job opportunities, also allows you to go to college, have a higher wage than others, and most importantly you can feel good about yourself.

You can be the one who brings a difference to the table. So by doing that you need to graduate high school, and live on to have a successful future.