Should the age of adulthood be moved down a year

All teenagers love that freedom of being away from their parents the day that they turn eighteen. Of course almost every teenager I have ever met has wanted to have that freedom much sooner than it can be given. One of the benefits of having this freedom is not having to come home at a certain time every night or check in with your parents about where you’re going because it’s not their problem anymore. The one thing that I’m sure would make every teenager extremely happy is having that age of freedom lowered a year and let them be “free” at seventeen. Being a teenager, I can see the benefits of this idea.

There’s the fact that you can come home at any time and go anywhere without having to worry that you’re parents are going to be on your back about it. And you could come home at one in the morning and not get yelled at. But with every benefit there is a drawback and that drawback would be the that drinking and drug use that could take place. I believe that lowering the legal adult age limit from eightteen to seventeen would be helpful to both teenager and parents. For the parents, it would help them to let go of them easier, and for the kids, it would give them the satisfaction of knowing they are out on their own and give them a little extra time to learn from some of their mistakes. It would be just like they had turned eighteen, except they would still be in high school and they would most likely be in their junior year instead of their senior year.

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This would also show the teens that they can make mistakes and then when college comes near they will have had a whole year to experience those mistakes. They will be more keen to the way the world works and it may just save them from doing something they regret in the end. This may also keep the kids from partying as often because they would experienced more things and they wouldn’t need to discover everything new in college. In the end there would be drawbacks and benefits but I think the benefits outway the drawbacks. Print Friendly