Sinai’s Future Dream

“The jury has made their decision, the plaintiff has been found guilty.” Those are the words I would finally want to hear in the future becoming a Lawyer.

A lawyer is a professional person authorized to practice law and they also defend or prosecute people for the crimes they have committed. I love to argue and state my facts whether i’m right or wrong and I feel like becoming a Lawyer is the perfect job. When you become a Lawyer it’s going to take many responsibilities to take care of. It takes a good deal of timing and to also be patient, which i know I can handle. All you have to do is focus and work on the case extra hard just to know you can back everything up.

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I also want to become a lawyer because I found out that they make good money, but also communicate with a lot of people and experience whatever they’re going through. When I was little I experienced my brothers lawyers barely doing any work even though we payed them a lot of money. When I seen my brothers case fail because of his Lawyers that pushed me to always want to become one so that not only my family or anybody else’s don’t turn out like that. Lawyers inspire me when they start to argue their case because it reminds me of myself lol. When I watch Law & Order I start to take notes.

My family always told me to pick another career because they said I wasn’t going to make it. That statement reminded me to strive and go harder and to believe in myself. Nobody got me and nobody is going to stop me from doing what I believe I can do. In conclusion this is my dream and I will do everything and anything for me to succeed in life. I believe that if I start now I can go to a good UC and take good law classes to help me become a lawyer as soon as possible.