Singania Case Study

Introduction: Singhania & Partners is a full service national law firm, with a successful international corporate & commercial, litigation, arbitration and intellectual property law practice.

As a management consultant, my opinion — Singhania & Partners should enhance employee trust because it is the essential precondition on which all real business success depends. Background: Mr Ravi Singhania and Ms Manju Mohotra’s are concerned about the firm’s current HR practices and are anxious about whether the firm faces human resource risks.Problem: The high attrition rate in the Indian legal services industry has become an alarming problem. There has been movement of partners between legal services firms. In future, the entry of foreign law firms into India could have created more competitions among the law firms.

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Opportunities: Employee-trust is the building block for gaining the respect of your staff, creating positive work relationships within your team, and enabling staff to handle stress and uncertainty in the work environment.Recommendations: Managers can build trust by demonstrating that they are guided by ethical standards and beliefs and then by exhibiting behaviors that are consistent with those standards and beliefs. A variety of conditions and factors can enhance employee trust. Four of the most important are credibility, integrity, reliability, and commitment. Conclusion: Employee-trust is generally something that is earned over time. Building trust can be difficult, but it’s much easier to lose it through inconsistent behavior and lack of commitment.

By enhancing employee trust Singhania ; Partners will become the most consistent firm.