Short Essay on Single Sex Education

Having single-sex education is under serious argument because people have different opinions on the topic. Some people say that single-sex schools are good for students and can help them with tests, social pressure, and feeling like themselves. While others argue that it is bad for our society because, it causes gender stereotypes, also it is bad teachers and finally it is hard to find.So people have to go out of their way to find the sex-education schools.

If people believe society needs single-sex schools, then this paper just may change people’s minds. This paper will argue that kids and parents can suffer from single-sex education and it should be stopped. One reason that schools need to stop single-sex education is that it can lead to big negative gender stereotypes.Also, in the article “blue is for boys red hearts is for girls” it says that “single-sex education can cause families to travel far distances and cause them to go out of their regular routine so they can go to find a school they think is better.” But single-sex schools aren’t better, they cause many situations that regular schools don’t cause with the kids.Another problem that comes up with single-sex schools is that not all boys act like the stereotypical boy, for example in the “article single-sex-education pros and cons” it stated that”a sensitive boy might be intimidated by a teacher who gets in his face and speaks loudly believing that’s what boys want and needs to learn.

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“Also, there are very few teachers that are formally trained to use the gender-specific teaching techniques. So the schools that people think are so good don’t really have that good of teachers with that specific gender. In the future boys will eventually have to work with girls and vice versa, so why not give them the experience now so they are ready for the future. A big reason not to have single-sex schools is that it can change a kids personality for example in the article “blue is for boys red hearts is for girls” it mentioned “boys with other boys become increasingly aggressive, and girls become more sex-typed.” Another problem that single-sex education can cause is there are 850 single-sex schools in the USA and 98,454 regular schools. Also, single-sex students can be inexperienced in the real world where there are both boys and girls.

In the article “single-sex education assailed in report” it asks “have single-sex education teachers ever actually thought about the fact that before, the United States also thought that races also learned differently.”The article “single-sex education pros and cons” it states that “research proves that single-sex schools think that boys like to run and be more active while girls like to do yoga type stuff and that is not true. There are boys who don’t like to run and girls who don’t like yoga.” It has been proven that the research that was done to make the support for single-sex education is flawed. On the other hand, research has been proven that coeducation focuses on the theme of fairness, which single-sex education flaws in.

Regular coeducation is the better way to go. First off it’s closer so parents don’t have to out of their way to get their kids there as it says in the article “Single-sex education pros and cons.” Also in the article “blue is for boys red hearts is for girls” it says “regular education has way better funding so the students there get better technology which is a big part of learning now.” This is better for students and shows that they should go to coeducation schools because they have a better chance for more state of the art learning. Another example of why kids should go to coeducation schools is because in the article “blue is for boys red hearts is for girls” it says that regular schools like to let kids go at their own pace with special tuder classes while single-sex schools are more strict. Kids should be able to learn at their own pace so they don’t fall behind and teachers know exactly where they are and how to help them and coeducation schools do a better job of that than single-sex schools.

Even with all the evidence pointing towards going to a coeducation classroom, there are some features. One of those features is in the article “statistics show benefits of single-sex education” it says “students at single-sex classrooms have higher test scores than those in coeducational classrooms.” Which means that single-sex education, students have a better chance of getting into college. Another reason that single-sex schools are better is because in the article “Blue is for boys red hearts is for girls”, it says that “single-sex classrooms have fewer distractions from the opposing sex.” Which could help because they would work better with more distractions gone? The final reason single-sex education could be better is in the article “Single-Sex Education Pros And Cons” it says that “Boys pursue traditionally feminine interests such as music and art.

” Boys and girls could be themselves easier without being made fun of. Having single-sex education is wrong and bringing problems in kids and parents. This is important for everyone to know because single-sex schools are growing in numbers and soon everyone will be in a single-sex classroom before they even realize what’s wrong with them. Even with the evidence pointing towards not having single-sex schools it has been researched and proven that there is a high chance that when a kid enters the school their grades and test scores will most likely go up. Even with this kids should still have experience with the other sex for in the future when they will have to work with them.

Since there are only a few single-sex schools in the nation are family’s really willing to travel far to find them when parents have a perfectly normal school right in society’s neighborhood.