Sometimes all you need is time Free Essay Example

That awkward stage in your life. For me it was in middle school the time no one wants to mention, more like the time every one wants to forget what happened. My first year 6th grade seemed ok nothing horrible happened. There was this group of friends I would always hang out with but towards the end of the year I realized I didn’t want to hang out with that kind of people. The people who didn’t care that much about school would get in trouble and simply loved drama all things I didn’t want a part in.

So then I decided I wanted to find new friends and get involved in different activities. So that’s what I did however for the next 2 years that decision didn’t go so well. I was out of my comfort zone didn’t know every one and became really shy. I was so shy that I would never really talk around people. I would go through the school day and I had good grades but I didn’t really have those close friends. Sometimes people would even make fun of me for how quiet I was it was terrible.

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I would go to school knowing that every one would laugh at me thinking of how shy and quiet I was. Because I knew they all thought this about me it made it even harder for me to try and reach out more because I’d be afraid they would just laugh and mumble there rude comments to each other making me talk less and less. All year I would tell myself it will be ok just wait till high school it will be a fresh start with new people. That’s exactly what I did. Once I got to high school everything changed I went from being the quietest girl around to class president and varsity dancer with straight A’s. I could easily give speeches to hundreds of students or dance in front of thousands.

It’s never to late to change if you want something just take the risk and do it because it can really change your life. Sometimes pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and giving it time can be more rewarding then you might think.