These Four Years… Free Essay

Four Years Full of Memories High School: A short four years spent in a school at the beginning of our lives. What makes these four years have such a tremendous impact on us? Maybe it’s all of the homework that we do. Yeah it’s probably the homework, HAHA obviously not.

We don’t spend the rest of our lives remembering and reminiscing the hours we spent studying or the work we didn’t finish in class, said we’d take home for homework, but never did. Well maybe some of you spend your time remembering and reminiscing that… I’m not judging. We probably remember the crappy substitutes we had that wouldn’t let us talk and would mispronounce everyone’s name, even if it was something as simple as “Martha”, they’d be like “Meredith”. What? No, that’s not even my name but okay. Yeah, we probably remember them. Wait no we don’t, I don’t even remember the subs I had a week ago, oops.

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Those things aren’t lucky enough to be engraved in the important part of our memory, those things will be filed in the “who cares” and “I just clean forgot” cabinets, locked up and never to be thought of again. However, High school does give you quite a few memories that do deserve to be engraved in the important part of the memory; I promise it’s not all about the work and the crazy subs. We basically get a whole four years of those “worth it” memories. Crisp, cool air, Friday night lights. That’s right, the football games. The games you spend sitting in the bleachers while your toes freeze off because you wore toms and forgot to wear warm socks, probably because that looks dorky.

But it didn’t matter because you were sitting with your best friend watching your high school honey run the ball up the field. The friends you meet while you’re there, you may never talk to again, but they might just become one of your best friends. You’ll never forget the smiles at the school after winning a game and the cheering for a touchdown. Those memories will last you forever. You’ll remember the homecoming dances. The first awkward ones that you were too shy to dance at and the last ones where you didn’t want to leave the dance floor, and your first date that you thought you loved and your last one that you really did.

The days you and your friends went all out in maroon and white on spirit day. You painted your faces and wore maroon tights. Hideous I know, but just so fun. Sometimes you were the only ones to dress that wacky and you felt extremely out of place and really embarrassed, but you will definitely have something to laugh about in your later years. These are the years that define us, our life choices are based off of who we are in high school, the memories we’ve made, and the classes we’ve taken. High school may only be a single stepping stone in our lives, but without it we would have fallen off the bridge a long time ago.

A stepping stone that will never be dug up, broken, moved, or left behind. Let me put it this way, these are some of the best years of our lives.