Special Teacher

Special Teacher Have you ever seen a T.V show or movie with the high school’s that are as big as colleges? If you notice they always contain the super awesome teachers that make you sit there and say “why can’t my school have teachers like that”.

I personally found myself asking that question plenty of times, and I mean plenty! Of course everything changed soon enough. Let me take you back a little bit, it’s not too far though. I was a sophomore starting my first year at John Dickinson High school; I’m currently a junior now. I went through all my classes like any student, just a normal day. Soon it was last period as I checked my schedule I realized I was now on my way to my favorite class of all, Art.

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I walked in and the teacher started to introduce herself and explained what we would be doing in the class. The teacher name was Mrs. Covert or as I now calls her Mrs. Cov. As days went on, I got more and more comfortable in the class, instead of feeling like a new guy. I was always good at art or at least thought I was until going into that class.

Mrs. Covert isn’t like most art teachers. You can have the best project in the world but Mrs. Covert will always find something wrong or give you tips to make it even better. She never said it in a mean way or even a like too friendly way. She just keeps it real while also helping you improve by demonstrating or even working with you on the project.

Sometimes she’ll even make a joke about it to make things more fun. I remember one time; we were doing this one project when one side of our face had to be realistic and the other any type of way we wanted. I’m very good at drawling cartoon like stuff, but when it comes to realistic stuff I tend to avoid it. So as we started the project, we started with the realistic side, so I struggled just a little bit. But no matter how much I wanted to give up or struggled Mrs. Covert was always there helping without a single complaint or even slight look of annoyance, she just kept helping and helping.

She not only gave advice on the bad things but also told me what I was doing well, which defiantly helped with my confidence. After a few days everyone project was done and it was time for us to do our critique. Our version of a critique is when we all circle up and give comments on each other work, mostly encouraging ones. When it was Mrs. Covert turn to comment on mine she said something I will never forget. She told me ” I know how your strong suit is cartoons so I was really amazed how you were able to make it look so realistic and look like you, I’m proud of you” That day my ego level went off the charts! I was able to step out my comfort zone and be able to amaze Mrs.

Covert the art editing God ha-ha. Mrs. Covert is a wonderful teacher. Not just an art teacher. She not only helps with art but with life situations also. Such as, jobs, college, you know basic things in life.

Too this day I take Mrs. Covert’s art class and I look forward to it every day. Not just for the class, but for the knowledge I obtain, the challenges in the work, and the laughs I can enjoy, all topped with Mrs. Covert’s corny Pandora music stations.