Spirit Teacher

For my nominee, I will nominate my teacher Michelle Knight. She is a middle school teacher, and a huge role model to me. She teaches science, writing, and reading. She is a middle school teacher, but she was a lower school teacher. Before I came to this school in kindergarten, I was thought of as dumb, weird, and I was discarded as a weirdo. I visited this school, and my mother remembered that when she picked me up, it was the first time she had seen me smile.

I have had Mrs. Knight for kindergarten, first grade, fifth grade, and now for sixth grade. When I first walked into this school, I saw her smiling, encouraging face. It filled me with this happiness that I hadn’t known in my earlier life. My mother was always caring for me, but school before this school was a nightmare that I couldn’t wake up from.

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In kindergarten with Mrs. Knight, I couldn’t read a single word, but she taught me how to read in two weeks! No exaggeration included! She has comforted me when I was angry, and has helped me figure out ways to deal with my anger. She had been a brilliant mentor, and a great friend. She didn’t just teach me, she inspired me. Being with Mrs.

Knight changed my view of the world, and she is like family to me.