Stop! Think About Your Future

Do you like getting good grades? Most people do not care. It’s crucial to get good grades, and teachers and schools are really encouraging it. Even though most students aren’t motivated, there are a few who still do care.

Doing poorly in school could affect your ability to get into college, ability to get a job, and the way people look at you. Doing poorly in school could affect someone’s ability to get into colleges (Teens). Most college’s want students whom they know work hard. By doing poorly in school, a student would not make a good impression. If they were to have good, stable grades, colleges will look at them more highly. So do well in school, to catch the college’s eyes.

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Doing poorly in school could affect you chances of getting a job. Most places require you to have a high school diploma. If you have a good school history, they will look more highly of you. Some jobs even require that you have a certain education to work there. So do well in school, and help yourself for when you’re on a job hunt.

What are the consequences of doing poorly in school (I Didn’t)? Well, it could effect someone in many ways. It could influence their eligibility to get into college, make it difficult to a job, and change the way people look at them. Some people may think no matter what you’ll get into college and get a job, but the college won’t be as nice, and they most likely won’t enjoy the job. Talk to a teacher or parent. They will tell you how important getting good grades is.

No matter how hard high school might be, push through and get decent grades. It will get you farther in the end.