Stores and The Dress Code

Taylor was so excited about the dance at her school. You can dress up however you please. You can wear dresses so beautiful you can take people’s breath away.

Taylor was ready thirty minutes before the dance. The dress code is a real problem with stores. Those two subjects do not fit well together in the same category. Everyday girls go shopping and they need to find clothes that are supposed to be appropriate for the dress code. The real problem is, stores need to start selling clothes that girls can find. If they don’t follow the dress code they can easily get a detention for not following the rules.

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Since the dress code is a big issue, most people believe that the dress code should be changed. If you go to a random store and ask them if they ever consider that school have dress codes, they really might say that they do, but they don’t want to follow them because it is not their concern. It can be their concern because if that store doesn’t know or want t about the dress code, they will not have any teenage customers and that will give them more money because they are buying expensive things. That situation right there can get quite a few stores that are local out of business because 21% of the teenagers that do go to their store are leaving because they can not find anything school or age appropriate. So, these stores need to be aware because they will lose young customers.

At North Shore Middle School in Wisconsin, students have to change into their Physical Education uniform because they bought something that is not school appropriate and that doesn’t follow the dress code. When they get to school, the teachers willlook around to see if the students are following the dress code, then the certain person will be given a detention and has to change into their physical education uniform shorts. The story about Taylor did not end well. When she got to the dance, you are supposed to have fun but instead what happened was that Taylor had to change into sweatpants and a sweatshirt because the school enforced the rule that dress can not be shorter than your knee cap. Another rule that was briefly enforced was that you were not allowed to wear dresses with your back showing because they thought that it would be inappropriate for the students to see the back of a person. Taylor anyhow could not find a dress that fit that particular dress code and she just found the thing that was closest.

Taylor refused to stay at the dance dress in sweats, so she went home and missed out on a very important dance that was part of her high school experience. Stores really need to rethink what they are selling because just like in Taylor situation, kids all over the world will get in trouble for a mistake that the stores they shop at should fix. Many stores will get closed down or evicted because they can not sell anything that people want to buy. The dress code is very strict for girls because they have more priorities to worry about. The dress code for school are basically more toward girls and their body to cover it up, but it is very unfair for those girl to have a more strict part in the dress code. Why can’t men/guys have a better dress code part? Girls everyday are getting basically told that their clothes are stupid and should not be worn.

It turns out that the story that was presented is one of many others that attack this problem of the dress code and the stores not having clothes that are appropriate. A lot of schools are worried about the girls and if they are going to show too much skin, but enforcing a rule that is hard to abide by gives the girls at school something even more to worried about along with finding a dress. You may be surprised to know that most local stores know about the dress code that is being enforced, but they probably think that the dress code doesn’t matter because some of their customers are or may be adults. Some are even most of the adult customers are really shopping for their son or daughter’s clothes. They also need to take to account that the teens or kids are in need of clothes that they need to go buy. Without the stores having appropriate clothing, they just have to go somewhere else that doesn’t have the right clothing.

Let’s all hope that stores are looking at the dress codes more often!