Should We Have Dress Code?

Collared shirts, belts, khakis. Does this ring a bell? If not, let me remind you…

dress code. As a student in grade eleven and being in dresscode since first grade, I think dress code is a good idea, to an extent. I believe that the rules should be more lfexible sounding. All students want to at least be given the idea that they have a say. Instead of saying, “You must wear a belt,” say, “as lonmg as you don’t sag, you don’t have to wear a belt.

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” This makes students see where you’re coming from with your decision. I understand that this is a school board issue, but it’s nice to ask a students opinion. Not only to see what they say, but to use it to your advantage. Also, bullying. At most schools, even with dress code rules, there’s a small amount of bullying.

Uniforms do NOT make bullies cower in fear. Uniforms also don’t let you show your character either. They make everyone look similar. Although this is clean to look at, students want to show people wh othey are, without words. Uniforms are a very controversial topic. As one of few mature students, I see both perspectives.

The question is: can you?