Stress Free Essay Sample

To students everywhere: Stress: everyone experiences it, some more often than others. One thing’s for sure. Stress is not worth the time of day. It’s time to take your daily anxieties and toss them out the window. So you’re jittery about the math test next hour? Quit yanking your hair out. You reviewed for two hours last night, and your homework is complete.

The material may be tricky, but you’ve got this! So you’ve got a job interview tomorrow? Calm down! You are qualified. Don’t let your nerves conceal that from the interviewer. Instead, have a little perspective. One test or one interview does not decide your future. “But this test determines my term grade!” So what? What is the worst that can happen if you get a C on one test? If you’ve put effort into other subjects/assignments, your GPA won’t take a plunge.

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After all, your GPA is just a number, and it doesn’t define who you are. Remember: this day, this semester, and this year is just a tiny decimal of your life. Choose to be happy today, and trust that the outcome of your day doesn’t determine the outcome of your life. Sincerely, Lisa H.